Safe & Legal
We put our client’s safety first.  RRCS is Cleveland’s only legal rehearsal studio.  We have an occupancy permit, others do not, ask to see theirs.  Our building has complied with the strenuous architectural review, permitting, fire code, licensed construction and inspection process required by law to earn legal occupancy.  You don’t want to practice in a building that may be a fire trap or shut down by the building department.

Each studio has a steel door with a class one deadbolt.  Also, each studio has an alarm with a motion sensor, operated by individual keypads.  All hallways and parking entrance are videoed by 27 surveillance cameras 24/7 with recording archived 99 days.  We also have a night patrol and well lit paved parking lot.

Quality Studios
All our studios feature carpeting, 20 amps of individual power, Wi-Fi, heat and ventilation, acoustical ceiling, ground floor location (most), and sound attenuated walls. most rooms feature Air-conditioning.

Networking with the 100+ bands here can lead to limitless possibilities.  The building is fire sprinklered, features clean handicapped accessible men and women’s restrooms, vending machines, on site recording studios, large paved parking lot, easy highway access and professional attentive staff.

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